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Society for Educational Studies


The Society of Educational Studies (SES) has supported engagED and is a key partner in the project. Members of the SES Executive Committee will be acting in an advisory role at all stages of the research. In addition the project will run a series of four joint seminars with the SES and also hope to publish a special edition of the British Journal of Educational studies based on the key research themes.

The aims of the Society of Education Studies is to discuss and promote study and research in Education by:

  • Ensuring the quality and status of research and scholarship in Educational Studies;
  • Encouraging debate and discussion especially on educational policy issues;
  • Acting as a public voice for Educational Studies especially in responding to critical attacks on the quality and integrity of the field;
  • Recognising distinction in the field of Educational Studies by the award of 'Fellow of the Society for Educational Studies' - FSES;
  • Sponsoring the world-class publication - The British Journal of Educational Studies as a vehicle to promote the above aims.

For more information on the SES visit their website here: