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Privacy Policy

The Faculty of Education respects your privacy.


The websites of the Faculty of Education make use of cookies.

Our own

We ask that you allow our website to store cookies in order to enhance your visits to our websites.

"Persistent cookies"

Persistent cookies are those whose content remains whenever you finish your current browsing session, and their content is available when you return to our website. An example of a Persistent cookie on the Faculty websites is the Bandwidth preference - whether you chose to view the normal or less graphically intense website.

"Session cookies"

Our webservers use session cookies which are used to follow you as you visit different areas of our websites. These cookies differ from "Persistent cookies" in that they are removed from your web browser when you finish your current browsing session.

University of Cambridge

As part of the University of Cambridge we use their IT systems for certain areas of our websites. Please see their privacy polices here.


We make use of Google Analytics to track use patterns. In order to do this, Google require the storing of cookies. Please see their privacy polices here.

Other third party sites

In various parts of our website we utilise the services of Facebook, Twitter, Issuu, and other external companies to enrich the user experience. These companies may choose to store cookies as part of their service, and have their own privacy polices which can be found on their respective websites.

Other information about your visit

Please see the University of Cambridge privacy policy page at for relevent reading.